Monday, June 1, 2009

Just a bathroom....not too exciting

You wouldn't think a little bathroom would take that much time to spruce up. Well, our little master bathroom proved to be just as challenging as any "real" room in the house. First off, 2 of the bathrooms have carpet. Seriously, carpet. Who puts carpet in a bathroom? Apparently the previous owners, that's who. On our list of things to get to is tile flooring for the bathrooms, but until then, well live with the carpet.
So here's the "before" picture. Not too exciting. Just a basic toilet and a blue tile sink and oak vanity. I really like the blue tile and think the oak is fine too. The walls look like they're off-white, but upon further inspection, they were actually a very light pink. It's kind of hard to tell in the picture, but there's definitely a pink-ish hue.

Here's an "in progress" shot. I painted the ceiling and half of the walls with Sherwin Williams Progreen 200 in Macadamia. It's a nice, neutral color, but it's not beige, really, it's not.

The other half of the bathroom was painted in Sturdy Brown (Sherwin Williams Duration Home). It is the darkest paint we used in the whole house, but I love it. I really like the contrast with the Macadamia and I think it goes well with the blue tile and the oak. One tip about using dark paint: It is the least forgiving stuff on the planet. It will show off every imperfection on your wall and if you have a ceiling or floor "accident," it's difficult to immediately fix. That said, I still really like it and will use dark paint again. I played around with the small towel holder pictured. It too was oak (although I'm pretty sure is was that fake oak stuff), but chipped and rough. My friend, Anita (she also has a blog, see her name on the list), suggested that I try to spray paint over some of the uglier accessories that were still functional, just not attractive, so I did. I sprayed this with a bronze metallic paint. I like how it turned out and will probably paint some other accessories this way.

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Anita Cory said...

The place is looking great...I'm glad spray painting the fixture worked for you!