Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bean's Room

This was one of the biggest motivators for us to get a house this spring. I did not want to set up a crib in the hallway of our tiny apartment. I wanted our baby girl to have a real home to come to. I know, I know, there are stories of babies sleeping in dresser drawers and in other cramped and less-than-ideal spaces and those children turn out just fine, but I was definitely feeling mommy-guilt for not having a nursery ready for little Bean. That's probably why the most thought and time has gone into the baby's room.
Here's the room before it got a makeover. Three of the walls were basic white and the fourth wall was a brown/grey color. You can't tell from the picture, but the walls were pretty beat up and required spackling and sanding.

Here's the wall color now. It's Sherwin Williams Progreen 200 in Musclen Green. It's bright and vibrant and I just love it. I think it compliments the wooden crib nicely. I made the bulletin board/picture frame from a barn window that Dan dug out of his Mom's garage. Above the crib I'm going to put wooden letters that spell her name (yes, eventually she will have a name other than Bean).

This will be our little rocking/feeding/reading nook. We found the glider at an estate sale and it is so soft and comfortable. The little white table is a hand-me-down from a friend. I think I need to re-cover the chair cushions. What do you think?

Here's another angle. The changing table and toy box are more hand-me-downs, but I think they'll really work nicely.

Okay, so what do you think? What am I missing? I'm feeling that the room is pretty much baby-ready at this point, but maybe all you been-there-done-that moms might have a few suggestions?
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grammyc said...

I think it is just perfect. Keep your disposable diaper bin close to your changing table. Maybe a mobile over the crib.

The Matheny Family said...

HI! GREAT room! I'd add a small lamp on the table by the rocker- great for calm night time feedings/ rocking without the overhead lighting on- our midwife suggested using a colored lightbulb so it wouldn't be too bright and exciting for the little one when it's time to calm down/ go back to sleep- it's worked WONDERS for us! We got a green bulb- and we love it!
Great work on nesting!

SO said...

I love it! Only a couple more weeks for you it looks like from your counter on the side. How exciting!!

Anonymous said...

If you plan on breast-feeding, a small clock may come in handy so you'll be able to keep track how long she's been on each side.

grammyc said...

Do you have the wooden letters bought and painted and ready to put up? If so what are the letters? :) :)

Shelle and Dan said...

Ha Ha! Nice try Mum. No, I do not have the letters purchased, because she doesn't have a name yet.