Monday, June 1, 2009

Our bedroom...finally functional.....

I didn't think it would take us this long to have a functional, usable master bedroom, after all, it is just a bedroom. It has walls and a floor and a ceiling, what could be so tough about that, right? Well, the painting and unpacking and all that went fairly easily, it was getting the actual bed into said bedroom that was the challenge. I'll get to that in a minute. Here's the "before" picture. The bedroom was three colors. Dark green, light green and a color that looks off-white, but actually is a very, very light pink. This did not mesh with my design plans at all, so it all had to go.

Here's what we went with. Most of the walls are Macadamia (Sherwin Williams Progreen 200) and the wall with the window is Sturdy Brown (Sherwin Williams Duration Home). It's neutral, with a kick and I love it. Oh yeah, and then there is our bed. Our beautiful, lovely, oh-so-comfortable king-sized bed. Dan and I have been dreaming of this bed since we got married. (We've been getting by with a full-sized.) We actually ordered the reclaimed barnwood bed from Cabela's about 4 months ago. It arrived a week and a half ago. There's a loooong story that involves many phone calls, damaged wood and angry letters, but I don't want to write all that out now. Let me know if you ever want to order anything like this and I'll share our experience, so you might know what to expect. Our mattress was also a headache to get. We were supposed to have delivery in about 10 days, it was more like 3 weeks. Uuuuugh! But anyway. It's all here now and I LOVE IT!!!! I love the reclaimed barnwood and the mattress and the bedding set we've had in storage since our wedding. I was so excited to set everything up this weekend. Dan likes it too, however, his initial response was less excitement and more, "What do we need all these pillows for?" Typical guy, right? Well Dear One, we don't "need" all these pillows, but they are pretty, see?

Here's the brown wall. I have curtains and valences that match our bedding for the window. It all came together as a set. Should I use them? It is all guaranteed to "go" that way, however, do you think it would be too matchy-matchy? Also, what do you think I should do about my dresser? One day we'd love to have all reclaimed barnwood furniture in here, but until then, I need to creatively make do with what I have. I have leftover paint, so I could paint my dresser either Macadamia or Sturdy Brown.

Here's our closet corner. Yes, we have two closets and it is wonderful. In our apartment, we shared one closet that was smaller than either of these.

Okay, so this is the part where I ask for help. What is the room missing? I have a few pictures up, but nothing by the bed. I was thinking of some cool vinyl lettering for above the bed. I was thinking of some neat line from a poem or something sweet like that. Dan was more thinking about lyrics from Barry White songs. I've seen some vinyl lettering that was cheesy, so to those of you who are into that, how do you keep it from being cheesy and sappy? How do you make it more "you" without being too odd? Suggestions and ideas are always welcome!
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Leslie said...

I think Bean is going to come out holding a paint brush :)

I love all the colors you have chosen. Personally, I like things that match so I would use the matching curtains in your bedroom. I think it will help tie the "theme" all together.

AngMomof3 said...

Yippee!! You have a bed set up in your room! It's really beautiful. And the bedding is so very pretty too. Enjoy it!

Anita Cory said...

I agree with Leslie...use the matching curtains. You can always change them out later if/when you have time or want to.

On another note, I think your brief time in Nebraska may have effected your perspective on what is beige and what isn't (Ha Ha).

Also, while I do like the crispness of the white dresser against the dark wall, if you don't have any other white accents, I would paint the dresser. There is a great painting "product" out there that in a 2 step process creates the look of crackled paint (very good to go with the reclaimed barnwood look). I may still have some of the stuff if you want it.

Have you seen the vinyl lettering "things" at Micheal's? Some are cheesy, but others aren't so bad.

And, for accessories in general, you really should go to Real Deals in Lewiston. Open on Thursdays 10-6 and Saturdays 10-3. Google Real Deals and then find the location. It's awesome and they have great prices!