Monday, June 15, 2009

Bits of flair!

Please don't be too disappointed. I know you wanted to read a post that said Baby is Here! But, she isn't here, and it would be cruel of me to lie to you. Today is the official due date, so I guess technically, she's not late until midnight, right? We've still be plugging away on the house and I took some pictures to show off some of the pretty cosmetic things we've been doing.

Metal stars at the end of the hallway.

My scrapbook page "clothesline" in my work room. The wall is painted a blue-grey color called Silvermist (Sherwin Williams Progreen 200). Dan hung a clothesline for me and I really like hanging finished projects up for a while before putting them away in albums. It's also nice to put partially-finished projects up while I'm figuring out how I want to complete them. Notice the layout on the left. It's just waiting for baby girl pictures.

New light fixture in the dining room. I like it a ton better than the retro glass chandelier we had before. This one is sleek and simple and casts a less-harsh light over the eating space.

Yesterday was Flag Day, so we did the patriotic and good thing and put up a flag by the front porch. I've always wanted a small flag pole and I finally live in a house where there's a perfect spot for it.

I really hope the next post is full of new-baby news and excitement. Dan and I are getting anxious for her arrival and I know a bunch of you are too.
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grammyc said...

I love the scrap book page line. It is the perfect place to put in progress pages. Your light fixture is really nice, and fits your dining area really well. The stars are just the perfect touch for the end of the hall.

SO said...

I love the stars and the light fixture but I adore that clothesline! What a fabulous idea! Here's hoping that your little girl makes an appearance soon!