Monday, June 15, 2009

See our new arrival(s)!

See......they're goats. Sorry, no baby pictures.

No baby news to report, but we do have two new goats out by the barn. We needed something to keep down the tall grass and weeds and goats will serve this purpose well. Dan left this evening planning on just bringing home the male goat, but they threw the older female in for free, so we ended up with two. The male (right) is only about 4 months old. I named him Rowdy. The female is older (2 or 3) and named Stella. The male has been fixed, so no, they're not a breeding pair. We're not necessarily getting into the goat business or anything.
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Fugal Family said...

You suckdidlyuck Flanders!!! That is not a nice title to your new blog post. Have fun with the goats :)

Shelle and Dan said...

Sorry about that. Dan thought it would be a funny trick to play on people. It turns out that he's right : )
Thanks for the fabulous Simpson's reference. Tht will make me laugh all day.

grammyc said...

I don't get it. I guess i am not a Simpsons fan. You can teach Bean how to goat tie. Oh no you can't you don't know how. I can teach her how to tie goats, and she can participate in Junior rodeos in the goat tying event.

grammyc said...

Goats????? Everyone wants to see pictures of my new Grand daughter. When will they be posted.