Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lana Explains it All: The Best Summer Ever!

Hi! I'm Lana and I want to tell you about how I'm having the best summer EVER!

First, over Memorial Day Weekend we went to my Grandpa Cy and Grandma Janet's cabin. It was a super fun time and I got to do lots of neat things.
I saw some awesome animal exhibits on a tour:
I spent lots of time playing with Grandpa's doggie, Grizz:
While Mommy and Daddy went fishing, I went to 'Camp Grandma' where I got to paint rocks and bird houses and go on hikes in the woods. Mommy and Daddy said they had fun fishing, but I know I had an even better time with Grandma Janet.
Next up, was Mommy's race. I think Mommy did a good job and I had so much fun playing in the park during the race and I made her a sign too.
The next weekend was my 4th birthday party. I had so much fun with friends and family at the park.
My favorite cousin/uncle, Cody, even came to my party and later he played with me and we danced in the living room together.
Grammy Carol came too and we read lots of books together.
I've also been super excited to tell everyone about the new baby that's coming to our house after Christmas. (Mommy and Daddy tell me this is a picture of the baby in Mommy's tummy, but I don't think it really looks like one. I guess I'll have to believe what they tell me because I really, REALLY want to be a big sister.)
I've also been taking swimming lessons and I absolutely love them.
Teacher Ashley was super nice and I learned a lot while swimming in the big pool with the older kids.
Mommy took me to the doctor for my 4-year check up. She could hardly believe I grew 6 inches in one year. It wasn't a surprise to me, because I know I'm getting bigger. Four-year olds are big girls, and of course I'm a big girl now!
Summer is great and I love dancing outside in the sunshine!
Last weekend some Lynden cousins came for a visit. We had the best time playing and swimming together.
Whew! I've been having the best summer ever. Mommy and Daddy said there are still more fun times to come. We'll see friends and family for Fireworks Day, and later I'll get to see my Utah cousins. I think I should probably do some more swimming and maybe camping too!

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