Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Fave: The Garden is Done (well, for this year anyway)

I've enjoyed posting and writing about the progress (or, at times, regress) of our garden. I started in April and this month, September, will be the last garden post until Spring.

Here were the state of affairs a little over a week ago:
Yup, pretty much everything is gone or dead. We were able to protect some plants through the earlier, lighter frosts, but when the thermometer read 22 degrees one morning, we knew we were done. (Since this picture was taken, all the tomatoes were torn out and the carrots dug up. I think there are only a few beets left and they're hard and tough, but quite enjoyed by growing cattle.)

It's hard to believe our vegetable garden was a plethora a green and life only a few short weeks ago:
I really can't complain. The frost held off a week or so later than last year, and we definitely were able to harvest more pound of vegetables than any other year.

The onions and garlic were once again fabulous.
And we got such a great crop of beans and tomatoes (mostly green) that I was able to can salsa and beans. We also have a pantry full of potatoes.

It was great while it lasted, but now the party is over. Time to clean up the mess.
(We'll, I just popped out to snap a few pictures. Dan is actually the one who had to clean up the mess.)

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