Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Fave: Daniel James Lenssen

In honor of Dan's 34th Birthday, I thought it was fitting to dedicate a post to him. So, in no particular order, I give you a smattering of Dan details:

-Dan is an excellent parker. Parallel, backing into a space, whatever it is, he can do it.

-As a father, he is quite willing to humble himself for his daughter. Here Dan is, happily crammed into a small carnival ride, eating his knees just to make Lana feel happy and safe:
-Dan hates bleu cheese dressing and much prefers thousand island or ranch.

-He's watching the American version of Top Gear right now and telling the guys where they messed up, giving them driving directions, and questioning their methods of cheating.

-Dan is an all-star pinata maker:

-Dan loves to eat meat. He loves meat so much he got bacon for his birthday.

-Dan looks fabulous in a classic black pinstriped suit.
Doesn't he?

-For dessert tonight, I made Dan my world-famous Poor Man's Tiramisu. He thought is was delicious, because well, it is delicious.

-Little known fact: Dan is a world-class tickler.

-He's also a really good gardener. Those are some big bulbs of garlic!

-When we go on a road trip, Dan drives and doesn't care that I nap. I think that's awesome.

-Dan has become an excellent fisherman, especially when there's snow on the ground. Here's the proof:

Happy Birthday Dan! 34 years ago the world became a better place because you arrived in it!
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