Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Fave: AWANA!

Our Wednesdays are a bit different now. Instead of heading home after picking up Lana, now the two of us head to a local park, play and eat a picnic dinner before she gets dropped off at Awana. Our church hosts this fabulous kids class during the school year and I was thrilled when I found out our girl was old enough to attend.
To say Lana loves it would be an understatement. Lana looks forward to Awana all week and often talks about her Cubby Bear class and her Cubbies teachers (the kids are divided into classes based on age and the littles are Cubbies). Lana reminds me on Wednesday mornings to grab her blue vest and workbook. (Both of those items had to be earned by scripture memorization.) She happily memorizes her weekly Bible verses and enjoys sitting with me and going over the activities in her Cubbies workbook. Best of all, she's not just beng entertained for two hours, she's really learning some important truths that are being ingrained into her being at three years old.
After her first class, she bounded out the door to meet me, and with joy in her voice exclaimed, "Mommy! God loves me really much!" Neither of us could have smiled wider had we tried.

Thanks Awana and volunteers! You are definitely a favorite to us!
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