Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Fave: Ulman Cancer Fund and the REV 3 Run

Several months ago, my friend, Harmony and her husband Ryan embarked on a frustrating, confusing and life-changing journey through the world of cancer. (Their story is chronicled in better detail on Harmony's blog.) Ryan was diagnosed with a very rare form of bone cancer that has resulted in major surgery and radiation treatment. Ryan has been a champion cancer fighter and has blown me away with his recovery and awesome attitude and rock-solid faith.

It has become increasingly important to this amazing couple to not "waste cancer." Meaning, they fully intend to make the best of a most unwelcome situation, encouraging others and working to make other cancer patients' experiences less harrowing.

Harmony is not only a wife, mother of three, student, fabulous dresser, and all-around super-cool chick, she's a RUNNER! (And I mean an awesome runner. This girl has attacked half-marathons and marathons like they're tackling dummies.) She has gone out of her way to encourage my meager running habit, even showing me some hip stretches at church one Sunday morning. Although she is dealing with some running-related injuries, she keeps it up because for her, running is a tool that allows her to reset her mind, concentrating on something other than her husband's fight against cancer.

It was a natural fit for Harmony and Ryan to team up with the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults Revolution 3 Run Across America to raise funds and awareness. Harmony had the opportunity to join the REV 3 team and run some legs of the cross-country relay and invited others to join her virtual team, logging miles daily and donating money from March 26 - April 16. I happily signed up to be a part of TEAM DAVIS, setting a personal goal to run 50 miles in three weeks.

My ambitious goal was cut short by pneumonia, and even now, recovering well, I feel like my lungs aren't even close to 100%. I will keep running through the last day of the challenge though, and I will donate to the cause. The more I learn about the Ulman Cancer Fund, the more I think it's a great and worthy cause. Read more here, and I think you'll agree.

If you want to help propel TEAM DAVIS to the top of the virtual run leader board and support the Ulman Cancer Fund, join me by donating here. After you submit your donation, be sure to find TEAM DAVIS on the list so credit goes to the correct team.

We all know someone who has dealt with, or is currently dealing with cancer. The sickness, frustration, uncertainty and questioning could easily drive some families into despair. But instead of wanting pity, Ryan and Harmony have chosen strength. They've chosen to remain faithful and stand tall, encouraging others and finding more than just the silver lining in their situation. They have truly chosen to not waste cancer.

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