Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Fave: Feeling Like a New Woman

When my Grams came for a visit a couple of weeks back, we took off one afternoon and got pedicures.
Yup, those are my (newly pedicured) feet. And no, I don't normally post pictures of my feet on the internet, but I did that so I could share this story.

When I went in for my pedicure, my feet were UG-LY. My toenails were gnarly and jagged (I may or may not have scratched Dan with them more than once), paint chipped, and calluses dry and cracking. My feet needed HELP. A sweet Asian lady took over an hour to carefully and methodically transform my gargoyle feet into appendages worth showing off in summertime flip-flops and strappy sandals. When she was done applying the final coat of Midnight Blue polish, Sweet Asian Lady looked at me and asked, "You feel like new woman?" I smiled and agreed. Oh yeah, I definitely felt like a new woman.

That got me thinking, other than a pedicure, what  else can give you that same feeling? I've hopped out of a salon chair with a new pep in my step after chopping off a few inches. I may have done a twirl or two while showing off a new dress. But neither of these compares with the clean and new feeling of a pedicure.

So, tell me Ladies, what do you do to feel like a New Woman?
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