Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Fave: Lana's Turn

Hello. Happy Friday to you! I'm Lana Jean and Mommy's giving me a turn to share with you my favorites.

First I thought I'd show you my favorite jammies, my Piggy Jammies!

These jammies are the best because they're cozy and warm and have cute pigs on the feet. They're my favorite.

But then I thought of my pink toes. They're my favorite too!
Sometimes when Mommy clips and files my toe nails, she also paints them pretty for me. I like pink toe nail polish. Pink is my favorite!

I also like doing art projects, like this bright orange spring-time flower.

Art is my favorite!

Sometimes I like to take all my stuffed animals, babies, and friends and put them all to bed. I tuck them in with their blankies and tell them to go to sleep.

I love all my sleepy friends. Melmo, Little Mickey and Minnie, Cabbage Patch Baby, Music Bear, Henrietta, and Glowie are all my favorites.

Well, actually Dolly and Big Minnie are my favorites.

Yup, definitely Dolly and Minnie are my favorites.

Now it's your turn. What is your favorite?

(Here I am being bossy - again. Mommy says being bossy is my favorite. I'm sure I don't know what she's talking about!) 
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