Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Wrap Up

Holidays with a nearly three-year old are great fun, and Easter is no exception.

First, we started with a local Easter Egg Hunt in Palouse. It was perfect for little kids. Lana burned off some energy at the playground before hunting time.
She scoped out the competition and intimidated the others in her cool-girl shades.

And then it was GO time! Lana had zero hesitation as she grabbed egg after egg and filled her bucket.

She enjoyed the egg hunting so much that we let her do more hunting in the yard when we got home.

We really tried to help Lana understand the true meaning of Easter with stories, conversations, and these Resurrection Buns.

I don't think she quite has a thorough theological and practical understanding of Easter, but she did enjoy the tasty treat. The buns were super easy to put together and I think they'll be part of our Easter morning traditions from now on.

And of course, no Easter Sunday would be complete without a new dress!

Lana was beyond thrilled with her new butterfly dress. Weeks ago she helped me pick out the fabric and has patiently tried it on for me as I was adding the final touches. I was super happy with how it turned out, especially because my sewing skills are probably more than a little rusty.
Happy Easter! I hope it was fun and eventful!
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