Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day!

Unlike yesterday, today we are not waiting on the snow plow. We're not really waiting on anything today. Lana and I are having a self-imposed snow day. The surrounding schools are all closed, we're in the middle of a 36-hour long winter storm warning and the snow just keeps on falling and falling.
Here's the view of the back deck. See that mound of snow? It's supposed to be Lana's picnic table. No outdoor picnics for us anytime soon.

I have a few things planned for this mid-week day off, including cleaning the floors and cooking, but this morning was dedicated to play. All the two-and-a-half year old has wanted to do since she woke up this morning was go play in the snow, and who am I to deny her this delight?

"Play" ended up being a lot of dang work! Pushing her down the hill of the driveway was easy enough, it was the pulling her back up to the top that was tough. And then Lana decided it wasn't enough just to be pulled up, she wanted me to pull her faster and faster. Oh well, I guess I need the work-out, right? In her eyes, right then, I was the Best Mommy Ever.

After about an hour, the snow was really coming down. I was getting cold and Lana's cheeks were bright red with cold, but of course she didn't want to come inside. This was the result:

Tears running down red cheeks and a loud, crying, screaming fit. Yeah, I didn't keep my Best Mommy Ever crown for long.

Blessedly, now it's nap time. I guess that means I should finally get to those floors.

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