Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Flashback: Snow Day 2008

Thursday was another snow day here on the Lenssen Acres homestead. It wasn't nearly as fun as Wednesday because the snow was heavy and wet - not the fine fluffy stuff we played in before. Dan was stuck staying home too, but not in his pjs in the warm house. Nope, he spent 4 hours on the roof pushing heavy shovelfuls of snow down to the ground. Because of high winds and drifting, some areas of the roof had 20 or so inches of back-breakingly heavy snow to be removed.

While watching the snow fall outside the window, I was reminded of the most perfect snow day ever. It was the first winter Dan and I were married. We lived in a tiny apartment atop one of the steepest hills in Pullman. Due to heavy snow and winds, my work was closed for the day. After Dan and I dug out the truck, we headed to Dwayne and Angela's to see if they needed any help. Fortunately, they were doing just fine, and instead of spending the afternoon clearing their driveway, we spent hours speeding down their neighbors' sidewalks.

The sidewalks had been worked with a snow blower a day or two earlier and the steep, tall sides created a luge track - perfect for a speeding snow tube. Nieces Sadie and Allison, and nephew Grant, were pleased as punch for the opportunity to ride with their Uncle Dan and fly faster than any kid really should.

A few wrecks, lots of laughs, and an afternoon of snow fun later, Angela let us warm up in their home with soup and hot chocolate - just the way a perfect snow day should end.

If you're snow covered, I hope your days home are more play and less work. When was your best snow day ever?

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