Sunday, August 7, 2011

July was....

...4th of July celebrations in Lynden.

...visiting cousins in Oregon.

...swimming lessons for Lana. (unfortunately no pictures) She loved swimming lessons and actually got to where she would hold her breath and float on her back a bit. Her favorite part was jumping in the pool and splashing.

...ZUMBA class for me. (fortunately no pictures) Have you ever done ZUMBA? It's super fun and a great workout and boy oh boy did it ever kick my booty.

...playing dress-up with her new present from globe-trotting Grandma Carol. This dress came to Lana straight from Austria.

...putting in new flooring. (more of it's done now and it looks FABULOUS!)

...watching the garden grow.

...trying out some new recipes to use up our garden's bounty - raspberry chocolate torte was a hit!

...playing school. Yup, she's only two, but the way she loves to sit and color at her desk (a $10 craigslist find), you'd think Lana was getting ready to start kindergarten.

So, how was your July? Any fun August plans to share?

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