Thursday, August 25, 2011

The First Tomato


The above picture is NOT of the first ripe tomato from our garden. This picture is probably the fourth or fifth ripe tomato. There's not really a great story about this tomato, but there is a story about the first tomato.

This summer has been pretty cool, so the tomatoes have been sllllooooowww to ripen. I'd been waiting and waiting so patiently for the first ripe tomato. I'd check the garden almost daily, only to find all the tomatoes were still green.

One evening, Lana stayed outside with Dan to "help" feed the animals and check the garden. I stayed inside to get dinner ready. After a few minutes, Dan and Lana came back in the house. Dan stood at the door, whispering instructions to a clearly excited two-year old. She came toward me very slowly, her outstretched hands cupped in front of her chest, her face beaming with pride. She walked slowly and deliberately, taking care of the fragile treasure she was carrying.

When she made her way to me, she held up her cupped hands. "See! Look!" It was a beautiful, petite, fully-red, ripe cherry tomato. Finally! I looked down at my sweet girl, certain in that moment she could do no wrong. "Thank you so much Honey-Bear. Mama has been waiting so long for a red tomato. Can Mama eat it now?" In an instant Lana's sweetness turned into independence and defiance and she looked right at me and said, "No way!" and promptly popped that ripe tomato in her own mouth, clearly enjoying the first satisfying bite. She did it so quickly I had to stick my fingers in her mouth to retrieve the still-attached stem.

Alas, I had to wait a day or two later for my first taste of a summer-ripe tomato, but I don't mind. It's okay Lana-girl. Mama will share her tomatoes with you whenever you want.

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