Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dan's Labor Day Weekend

While I was busy sleeping in and getting caught up on my projects, Dan was spending all weekend working harvest on the Palouse. He left early and got home late Friday-Monday. He mostly drove grain trucks, but did spend a bit of time helping to fix a combine.
I visited him and rode along a couple of the days. Mostly to keep him company and bring him necessary provisions.

{Dan working hard and trying to ignore the camera}

Harvest on the Palouse is really amazing to me. These fertile hills produce so much. It's quite astounding when you think about all the food that is produced on the farms in the area. I get really tired of hearing and reading the opinions of people who one day decide they're environmentalists and want to accuse farmers of being greedy land-abusers. If that is your opinion, I would encourage you to actually meet a farmer and tell me what part of him is greedy to you? What part of the hard-working, faithful stewardship of his land do you take offense to? What part of feeding millions of people do you think is wrong? A popular bumper sticker a few years back read, "Fed your kids today? Thank a Farmer." That's one slogan that should make a comeback.

{Soft white winter wheat, ripe for the harvest}

{after the combine has been through}

So even though Dan worked all through his "vacation" weekend, after work today he'll be back out there again and will continue to do so until the harvest is over. Before you start to think that it's too bad Dan couldn't do anything fun over Labor Day, you have to know that my dear husband is a worker by habit and by nature and he enjoyed every minute he was out there.
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