Monday, September 8, 2008

30 Thoughts for Dan's 30th Birthday

On September 6th, Dan turned the big 3-0. I was going to wax poetically about 30 things I love about Dan, but then I remembered that I am not a poet and a list of thirty things I love about Dan could turn sappy really quickly, so this is simply a list of thoughts about Dan, some kind of random, some short, some long, but they're all true.

1. Two weekends ago, I came home from the farmers market and found this note on the kitchen table. Sweet, huh?

2. Last night at dinner, Dan did an impression of Rob Akey's Vandal football radio commercial and had me laughing so hard I though I was going to spew food all over the table.

3. Dan is no longer surprised when he walks in the kitchen to find me dancing to the radio.

4. Dan can come up with silly lyrics for any song. Country, rock, pop, even church hymns, just give him a few minutes and he'll deliver a new masterpiece.

5. I don't think Dan ever gets cold. It could be the dead of winter and I'm curled up next to the heater wrapped in coats and blankets and he'll be wearing shorts and a t-shirt, opening a window.
6. Dan is a fabulous uncle. His nieces and nephews love rough-housing and playing with their Uncle Dan.

7. I think Dan likes playing with the nieces and nephews so much because they let him have an excuse to play with trucks and hurl himself down a hill on a snow tube.

8. I like that Dan will happily spend half a day hurling himself down a snow hill and then carrying the sled or tube back up the hill, just because the kids are having so much fun.

9. I appreciate that Dan doesn't mind when I try out new dinner recipes on him. He's usually very complimentary and even if the new recipe experiment was a total flop, he'll still have something nice to say about it.

10. Dan has never once gotten mad at me for forgetting to do something.

11. I have been able to talk Dan into some new adventures, and so far, no harm done. Do you think I can talk him into Phantom of the Opera? Wish me luck.

12. I have more fun with Dan than any one else in the whole world.

13. Whenever I have a funny/sad/scary/weird/mundane/interesting/exciting story, Dan is the first person I want to tell.

14. Dan has accepted the fact that all my scrapbooking stuff will never be completely put away.

15. Dan doesn't like tomatoes, avocados or Blue Cheese. I don't suppose this is good or bad, just interesting.

16. Dan is a very talented picker of fresh produce. He picks us out the best fruit and has a knack for finding the best ears of corn.

17. Even though he doesn't really like them, Dan still helped me pick several tubs of raspberries this summer. He's a way better berry picker than I am.

18. Dan and I have a standing Friday night date at the grocery store. I look forward to grocery shopping with my husband all week long.

19. See these pretty flowers. Dan got them for me, simply because he knows I like pretty flowers.

20. Dan has a well-worn Bible he keeps on the table by his side of the bed. Know why is so worn-looking? He reads it, a lot.

21. Dan decided to help me with children's church. That means, about once per month, it will be me and Dan and 15 to 20 three to five year olds singing and doing crafts in the church basement. Wish us luck!

22. I appreciate that Dan doesn't mind that I go to craft night once per month. He knows I need my girl time.

23. Dan has never once commented on the lack of "fairness"when it comes to closet space or bathroom shelf space that I take up versus the space allotted for his things.

24. You know that Brad Paisley song "I'm Still a Guy?" You should really listen to the words. I swear it was written for/about Dan.

25. Dan hooked up his speakers to the tv to create surround sound. When we watch action movies, the apartment walls shake.

26. Since we've been married, Dan has faithfully taken out the trash and taken the big can and recycling to the street for pick-up. He's so good that usually he takes the neighbors can out too.

27. For Dan's Birthday Dinner, we went to BBQ & Blues in Clarkston. Once again, it was wonderful. They added to their menu and now have a tasty starter, collard greens soup. It's dang good. We'll be back.

28. We also went to the Wazzu football game. The best part was sitting next to Dan. The worst part was the ugly football game.

29. Dan sometimes tickles me so much I swear I'm going to hyperventilate or wet my pants. Fortunately, I have yet to do either.

30. And finally, the sappy love fest I've been waiting for. I love that Dan is so wonderful, patient and caring. I love that I get a kiss goodbye every morning and a kiss hello every evening. I love you Babe and wish you a very Happy Birthday.
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AngMomof3 said...

THAT was sweet. Loved the post. Thanks so much for sharing it! What a guy. Glad I'm related to him!