Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lentil Festival

The National Lentil Festival was this past weekend. Dan and I headed downtown on Friday night to get a bowl of genuine lentil chili. It's actually pretty good and they make it in a really big pot that's carried on a flat-bed trailer. I made Dan stand in front of it for a picture.

The next morning was the Taste T. Lentil 5k fun run. Well, I can tell you it was definitely 5k, I'm just not sure how fun it was. But I did it. I entered and ran and finished with no injuries or mishaps to report.

Dan took pictures. See, there's me happy and relaxed and excited for the race.

Then there's this one. This was near the start and it was really crowded. Pullman is a town of hills and the race organizers had us run up the longest one of all. I was a tough course, but I'm glad I did it and will hopefully go again next year.
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Buttercup said...

Hi there Shelle, it's been a fast but chaotic summer. The kids are back in school and now I'm excited to get back on the blogging train and make comments on your blog. Impressive . . . a 5K. I'da never lasted. Way to go! I'm excited to stay in touch as well.