Thursday, August 7, 2014

Memorial Weekend Tradition: Henry's Lake

We always look forward to spending Memorial Weekend at Grandpa Cy's Cabin on Henry's Lake, Idaho. And this year, despite auto accidents, illnesses, work stuff, and the concerns associated with traveling with a baby, we were able to continue the tradition. 

This is what we love about Henry's Lake:
It's really quite lovely and picturesque, isn't it? 
We love the quiet and calm, the fishing and family, the mountain and lake.

This is what we don't love:
Yep, a little over halfway to our destination, a tire blows and we're derailed for a few hours. (Let's just add this to our year of auto-related NOT-funness. I think we can be done now.)

But we eventually made our way to the cabin, where it was as lovely and peaceful as we hoped it would be. Lana and Nora were instantly loved on and spoiled.

Lana took advantage of "Camp Grandma" and painted rocks with Grandma Janet and went out on hikes and rides on the Maverick.

We also did a little sight-seeing in Yellowstone National Park. The bison were plentiful and the babies are so cute. We also saw a mountain goat, elk, deer, and a bear.

Dan and I decided that Lana should go fishing on this trip. Other years she had been too little or the weather was bad, but this year turned out to be just perfect. She was so excited and I really wanted her to love it. I wanted her to feel the rush of reeling in a fish and the fun of fighting to get it to the boat. I wanted her to feel confident and able to do challenging things. I wanted this to be a positive memory she could recall when she's a sullen teenager and mad at me. (Okay, so maybe I was putting a but too much pressure on a measly fish, but I really, REALLY wanted her to love this.)

And love it, she did.
That smile says it all. Lana fished the first day on "Daddy's Team" and helped Dan reel in fish and held them and poked them, but on the second day she caught this one all by herself. (Cousin Cody held the rod to keep the tip up and Dan did the netting, but for a then-4-year old, that's pretty close to "all by myself.") We all cheered and she was thrilled. Rock stars don't get as much paparazzi attention as Lana did after she caught that fish.

If Baby Nora hadn't been napping, we might have grabbed her for this picture and you would have received it as our Christmas card later this year.

Oh, and please don't think Nora was neglected. She certainly got her share of the attention. It just came in the form of tickles and snuggles. Nora won't remember it, but her first trip to the cabin was great for her too.

Thank you again Grandpa Cy, Grandma Janet, Cabin, Henry's Lake, and Stunning Mountain Views!

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