Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blessed Sunday (Father's Day, Nora's Dedication, and Lana's Birthday. Whew!)

Sunday, June 15th was a busy one for us. We had out-of-town family visiting and decided to cram as much awesomeness into one day as possible.

First up, Father's Day. Technically, our little family celebrated Father's Day a week early. Lana colored Dan a picture and I made some of his favorite foods and he got a little bit spoiled. Dan really is a great Daddy to his two girls and loves them both dearly.

That morning was also Nora's baby dedication at church. Pastor Terry officiated at our wedding nearly seven years ago, so it was neat to have him dedicate our baby and pray for her.
(Yes, that is Lana waving to the audience from the stage. Pastor Terry rightly stated, "Some of you may not know Dan and Shelle, but probably all of you know Lana. She is a little girl with a BIG personality." She was quite cute, but let's hope Lana doesn't always try to outshine her little sister.)

Lana loved sitting by Grandma Carol and Cousin Cody.

After church, it was time for Lana's birthday party. The rain decided to hold off, but it was a bit chilly, so sweatshirts were the costume of choice.
Lana had a great time with all her cousins and some friends joined us as well. I can't hardly believe my little girl is 5 now. She's growing and learning more everyday and is so excited for kindergarten.

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