Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Memory: Incarcerated Kids

Okay, so as far as I know, none of the children pictured have actually spent time in jail, but for family photos, we sure looked like it.

When I was about 7 or 8, my mom and her sisters got all their kids (our "California cousins") together for professional "fun" photos. They styled us in brightly-colored, typical kid garb, and had us run around a playground and be "natural" all while smiling, looking at the camera, and getting along. (I'm sure anyone who has actually performed one of these types of photoshoots can explain to me that it actually is much, much tougher than it looks.)

Some of the photos turned out great. Here's a favorite of mine:
5/6 of us climbed to the top of this play structure (I think little Cody was too small to climb) and looked down. (I'm not sure if anyone spit on the photographer, but I do know more than one of us thought about it.) I like the way my hair is falling around my face, how Jen's toothless grin is stealing the show, how Justin is deliberately hiding his face, how Casadi is just adorable with a fierce face, and how Kasey looks like it's all he can do to just hang on. Yup, this one is a keeper. Hopefully I remember this idea later for Lana and her cousins.

But then, there's this one:
No, we're not in jail, but it sure looks like we are. Don't we look like a rag-tag bunch of hoodlums waiting on an enraged/embarrassed parent to come claim us? Oh, and my dork-tastic glasses and Jen's flipped up neon green hat just add to the hot mess going on, don't they? Perhaps my aunts can remember this better and say exactly why this one was considered a keeper? How about it aunts and cousins, can you remember this?

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