Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cougs Wear PINK!

On Friday evening we took Lana to the Cougar Women's basketball game. (Lana was under the erroneous idea that only boys could play basketball, and we needed to remedy that thinking by showing her some strong female athletes who perform at a high level.) The Coug women are very competitive this year and it was refreshing watching a team give their all for a full 40 minutes.

It was "Wear Pink" night for breast cancer awareness, and a perfect game to take out pink-loving Lana to. I even got a free pink t-shirt.

Lana got lots of love from Butch. She thinks Butch T. Cougar is pretty awesome and he must like her too as he came back to our section fairly often.

Lana loves the cheerleaders, and cheerleaders who wear pink and have pink pom-poms are even more awesome-er, so she was thrilled to meet them.

It really was a fun evening. We watched a great game (they beat USC - Go Cougs!) had fun waving pink, and showed Lana how girls can play sports too.

(Side note: If you're local, I encourage you to catch a women's game. It's inexpensive (the three of us got in for $6), compared with the men's prices ($40 for just me and Lana), there's plenty of room for dancing/running kiddos, and you can score really great seats. Oh, and the Coug women are actually competitive in the PAC-12.)
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