Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Party Like a 3 Year Old!

Imagine me with rhythm, dressed in baggy pants, gold chains and teeth, and a flat-brimmed baseball cap rapping the following:
Aint no party like a 3 year party, cause a 3 year party don't stop!
Okay, you can quit imagining now. It's kind of painful to think about. 

 But really, the party was quite epic, and it very nearly did not stop. It started at 5:00 and no one left until well after 8:00. With loads of sunshine, an awesome playground, cupcakes, cousins, and a pinata, who would want the party to stop?
Happy Birthday Lana-Girl!

Having a go at the iron-clad pinata.

Sadie's got a great swing!

Make a Wish!

The girls put on a silly play complete with Lana as the photojournalist.

Six beautiful girls! (Presley, Avery, Lana, Allison, Kenzie, Sadie)

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