Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In the Kitchen - Success and Fail

Like most anyone would, I have my proud moments and I have my not-so-proud ones. Recently, this became evident in the kitchen. 

Grilled hearts of romaine. 

This was quite easy and quite delicious. Just lightly coat the lettuce in olive oil, sprinkle with coarse salt, place on a hot grill for about three minutes, and viola! Smokey, flavorful spears of romaine. 

Angel Food Cake. 

It's like an angel food cake blob just took over the oven. The instructions warned me to use a larger pan (which I didn't have), so I just poured the excess in ramekins. Yeah, that bright idea didn't work so well, now did it? 

(Please refrain from harshly judging the lack of a sparkling clean oven interior.) 

(Okay, nevermind. Go ahead and judge. If my dirty oven makes you feel better about some less-than-perfect aspect of your kitchen, I suppose I have served some purpose for good.) 

(Wait, scratch that too. If you're still judging me for the dirty oven, please come over and clean it for me. I'll thank you by grilling you delicious hearts of romaine and tearing off a chunk of exploded angel food cake.)

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