Sunday, January 31, 2010

This is NOT a post about our bathroom remodel.....

Oh, it was supposed to be. I was planning on this being a thoughtful, well-written post about how in just one little weekend we gave our master bathroom the facelift it has always wanted. DIYers everywhere would flock to this blog and marvel at our style, profienciency and skill. HGTV would call and give us our own show. Alas, none of that was meant to be. Right now, our bathroom looks like this:

Well actually, I got out the paint, so it looks a bit better than this. And Dan worked on leveling the floor some more and before the day is done, we probably will have put down at least one coat of moisture barrier, but we are no where near done. We still have a whole new floor to install, a faucet to replace and a shiny new toilet to put in. Maybe next week I'll have a finished product to show off.

Remember a couple of months ago when we had six trees knocked down? Well this weekend ended up being dedicated to those trees. On Saturday, Dan and his brother Dwayne, along with nephew Grant, went to work dragging the trees out of the brush, limbing them and arranging them so they can be picked up and taken to the mill sometime soon. Dan secured the use of a tractor and secured the use of his brother, so Saturday was the day.

They spent several hours hard-at-work and got the job done. Even when the logs are hauled away, there will still be lots of firewood to cut and several slash piles to burn.

This interrupted weekend just goes to show that our place is going to be a work-in-progress for quite some time.

Oh, and I couldn't post and not include a Lana picture. Here you go Grandparents. I wouldn't want to dissapoint you.
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Just SO said...

Wow you have been busy! Good luck with the bathroom remodel and the trees!