Saturday, January 9, 2010


-Is it possible to get addicted to baby laughs? Seriously, are baby laughs not like heroin? I think I'd do anything for my next hit.

-How exactly does one get a Miley Cyrus song out of their head? Do I need to bring in an old priest and a young priest? Is an excorsism required? Do I need to have some type of surgery? Any and all helpful suggestions are appreciated.

-See this?
How is it my heart has yet to explode from love overload?

-Have you ever had a cattle drive come down your road? We have, at least twice since we've lived here. I caught this one today.

-Can you recall from the baby days what foods your baby liked the best? Lana's not so sure she likes peas. I'm a mean Mommy and make her eat them anyway.

This is more love than my heart can handle.
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Leslie said...

Ohhhh the kitten hat is sooo cute on Lana!!!! I love the little purple one too, super cute!!! The cattle drive pic is pretty funny. At least I know you are getting some excitement living in the middle of nowhere!!

grammyc said...

Remember the cattle that used to come out of the fog at our old house, walk down the road and then turn around and walk back to where they came from. That little purple hat is so cute. Did someone make it for Lana? She is such a doll.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about Lynnae's laugh!