Sunday, January 17, 2010

How Far Does the Apple Fall?

I think every parent wonders about who thier child resembles most. All of us have features we would rather not pass on to our kids and others we hope they inherit. Several family and friends have shared their opinions, but Dan and I just don't know. So I put together these side-by-side comparisons. What do you think?


Notice the matching yellow pajamas and the similar backdrops? I know what you're thinking.
Obsess Much?
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grammyc said...

In the top picture she looks like Shelle in the bottom picture she looks like Dan. Does that help?

Deanna King said...

I think the top set of pictures!

AngMomof3 said...

I was just thinking about this when she was with us yesterday... i see Uncle Dan in her, but I also see the Freston side in her resemblance to other young Freston offspring I've met (Clint and Sandy).

I think she's a perfect mix! May you be the lucky ones who get a perfect mix of all the good qualities from both of you! Odds are not good, but SOMEONE has to win that jackpot and your family should be it!