Monday, October 19, 2009

An Update From Lana

Hello. Mommy is busy, so I'm doing the update today. First off, I'm now 4 months old. Can you believe that? It feels like I've been around for way longer than that. What in the world did Mommy and Daddy do before I got here? I think I make their lives more exciting and more fun. Last weekend was my Dedication. Mommy and Daddy took me to the front of the church and I got to see all the people. Pastor Mark is my new friend and he held me and prayed for me and all the people prayed too. Mommy and Daddy promised that they would always teach me about God and Jesus. My Oregon Grandparents came to the Dedication and they visited me and told me I was getting so big and that I was precious. Some of my Lynden family came too. Uncle Dean and Aunt Lyndsey held me and smiled at me and thought I was so pretty. My cousins, Avery and Kenzie were so fun. They like to play with Alison and Sadie and Grant, but they played with me too. They tickled me and sang songs to me. Pretty soon I'll be big enough that I can keep up with them.
Today was my day to visit Dr. Mike. He's very nice and he smiled at me and made me laugh. The nurse weighed and measured me. I weigh 14 lbs 1 oz and am 25.25 inches long. Mommy says I'm probably going to be tall. At the end, the nurse came back in and made me drink icky stuff that made me cry. Then she gave me two shots in my leg. It hurt so bad and I was so mad. I screamed really loudly and Mommy rocked me and loved on me until I felt better. I was cranky this evening, but I'm okay now. I even have a tweety bird band-aid.

Mommy also got me a new chair. I can sit at the table with Mommy and Daddy when they have dinner. I keep hearing that they're going to start feeding me solids, but Mommy says not until I can sit in my chair for a few minutes without fussing. I didn't last very long in the chair today. Maybe I'll do better tomorrow.

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grammyc said...

How's the chair working out for you Lana? Are you sitting longer in it and eating your squash like a big girl?