Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My morning....

Okay here goes. Here's a running commentary of my morning.
Good morning Husband, so nice of you to serve as my human alarm clock. You are much more pleasant than that annoying buzzer. I love that we get to spend these few minutes together in the morning. What? Oh, I have to actually get out of the nice warm bed. Sigh. Oohkay. Sigh. Time to pump. Oh the price my body pays to feed my child. Totally worth it though. I happened to check out the price of formula in the grocery store. That stuff's expensive. No fancy-schmancy stuff for our girl. It's homemade for you all the way Baby Girl. Thank you Husband for bringing me my cup of coffee. You're the best. Time to make up the bottles and pack the pumping bag for work. Check the time. Hey, I might actually have enough time for breakfast this morning. Maybe I'll even get the bed made. Get dressed, do hair. Why won't my hair ever fix the way I want it to? Briefly fantasize about chopping off hair in a short, modern, chic do. Then I remember that doing so would make Dan very sad. Okay long hair, you can stay, for now. Bye Dan. Love you. Have a good day. Get Lana up. Good morning Sweetheart. I'm so glad you slept well. Oh your morning smiles just melt my heart. Yay! your pajamas and bedding are all clean. Let's get you dressed. Purple today? You look lovely in purple. Well, actually, you look lovely in everything. But I may be biased. Time for breakfast for you. Whoa, slow down frat-boy. No need to chug it. Holy smokes that was a big burp, and another. Good, no tummy bubbles. Big happy, contented smiles. Oh I love this baby. Check the clock, plenty of time for a bowl of Cheerios, and I shouldn't forget my vitamins. Okay, play time for you for a few minutes while Mommy eats. Rinse bowl, leave in sink. Apparently I do not have the extra 4.5 seconds it would take to put said bowl in the dishwasher. Gather day's necessities, go through checklist in my head. Lana's three bags of milk? Check. My work bag with lunch? Check. Wallet? Check. Pumping bag? Check. Take everything out to the car, start the car and get the heat running. Dang, it's chilly this morning. Okay Baby, time to load up. Let's put on your cute white jacket. I love the bright flowers. Oh, and a hat. Your little bald head needs to be covered. When are you going to get some hair? Let's go with the yellow hat today, it looks nice and warm.

Posted by PicasaWhy are your fingers in your mouth? Could you possibly be teething? I'll have to read up on that later. Turn you around to check your clothes. Good, they still look clean. Let's not have any last-minute blow-outs this morning, okay Lana? Good Girl! Wait, what was that? You're burping time should be over. Oh no, seriously, it that white spit-up on my coat? And on my jeans? And on the carpet? And not a drop on you? Of course. Grab a damp rag, clean up as best as possible. Check the time. Running two minutes behind. The bed is not getting made today. Sigh, maybe tomorrow. Put Lana in her car seat, stick the bink in her mouth. Tell her to shush when she starts fussing. Load us both in the car. Nearly hit Husband's truck as I back out of the garage. That would not be good. I hear fussing from the backseat. Sorry Lana-bean, I really can't do much for you from here. Turn the radio on. Ugh, Rascal Flatts. Baby screams. It's okay Baby, I'll change it, I don't really like them either. Okay, how about Jeremy Camp. Lana, we like him, remember? No response, but at least she's quiet. She's probably fallen asleep. Wow, the sky is sure pretty this morning. Wave to the drivers of the cars I see every morning. We don't know each other, but we're buddies. Get to Patti's. Get Lana out of her seat. Grab her milk and her bink. Good morning Patti. Big smiles from Lana. Kisses and I love yous for my girl. I'm excited for her. Today is library day. I am so happy she's experiencing the library and the whole 'reading culture' at such a young age. Off to work for me. Campus isn't crazy yet. I get my parking spot. Gather my bags and walk up to the lab. Okay, work time. Time to be 'on.' Wait a minute. Haven't I been 'on' all morning?


AngMomof3 said...

Love this post. I get it. Amazing how sweet babies change our world.

I don't have the same elements to my mornings, but somehow my mornings don't seem any less busy. Or less joyful.

Tomorrow my firstborn child hits the "halfway point". She'll be nine. That means I'm already halfway through all of the mornings that I'll enjoy with her under my care. I hope to make each day count!

Anonymous said...

Totally get it - and even though we are way past bottles, mornings are not any less hectic. There is no breakfast for mommy - just the instant breakfast she drinks on the way to work.

I agree on the formula too. We had no choice since Lynnae was so large - she just wasn't getting enough from mom so we spent $100+ a month to feed her, but totally worth it =)