Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Before" and "In Progress"

I watch a lot of HGTV. I love the home improvement shows that take an ugly, outdated, useless space and turn it into a functional, lovely work of art. My favorite part is at the end of the show when you see the "before" and "after" shots. That was my initial plan, but alas, home improvement is an ongoing process and I have embraced that the "after" portion will be continually evolving, so instead of "after" pictures, I will present you with "in progress" pictures.

This is our dining area "before." The walls were a dirty white and the pop-out window was a dark, deep purple-blue.

Here is the dining area in it's current "in progress" state. The left wall is painted a light green (Sherwin Williams Progreen Paint in Green Sprout) and the window wall and window area are darker green (SW Rookwood Green). I am loving the new color scheme (those same colors extend into the adjacent living room) and love how fresh some new paint can make a room feel. I like how the dark wood of our dining room table looks in this room. What I don't like is that lighting fixture. It's gold and glass and dated and obtrusive. What would you replace it with? How about window coverings? I love our view out this window (especially now that the window is sparkling clean - thanks Dad!) but the sun can be harsh if you're eating your breakfast at just the right time in the morning, so some type of drapery will be necessary. What about wall hangings? Should I keep my eyes peeled for something for the light green wall? Opinions please!

This is the hallway. I'm standing at the far end, looking toward the living room. The walls were in horrid shape and Dan spent hours spackling, sanding, applying texture and sanding again. I didn't like that it felt so closed in and "dark," which is odd, because it was painted white.

Here is the "in progress" shot of the hallway. I'm standing on the other end. I painted the walls and ceiling a lovely light tan/yellow color. (Sherwin Williams Progreen Paint in Beeswax) I wasn't planning on painting the ceiling at first, but the color totally transformed the walls and I thought the ceiling could use a good transformation as well. I really like how it turned out. So once again, I need your opinions. What do you think about the light fixture? I don't really like it, but can probably live with it for a while. What about the walls? Should I hang pictures? If so, what kind? Are hallways meant for family pictures, as my Mum has suggested? What about the open space at the end of the hallway? It has the potential to be a neat focal point, but I have no idea what to put there.
Feel free to offer opinions and ideas. I know a lot of you are way better at this home improvement stuff than I am.
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SO said...

I like your paint choices! I would replace the light fixture with a small chandelier depending on your taste with or without crystals. Me I'd probably go with one that was a darker metal without the crystals. And if you like roman shades. that's what I would go with for with the window coverings, in a light cream. Or maybe cafe curtains the kind that only go half way up the window. I don't know if that would help with the brightness problem. Blinds are nice but they gather dust.

The hallway looks good. I might put a picture of Christ or your favorite temple. Something like that. With maybe some vinyl saying above or below it. As for the other walls I wouldn't put family pictures there but that's just me. I would find something crafty.

Looks like fun, hard work but fun! My kitchen is getting painted in about a week. Weee!

grammyc said...

At the end of the Hall. Your stars from Ti Pan, if you choose not to put them outside by the front door entry way or the deck entryway. You also have your cowboys and cowgirls at the round-up posters that would neat there. I have your round-up poster that I mounted on wood for you a few years ago. that would look good with the Cowboys/cowgirl posters.

kcfreston said...

Good paint choices, I'm glad to hear you went with the ProGreen 200. As far as home decor goes I'm pretty clueless, we have everything from African masks to Halibut wall quilts. Anyway things are looking great, I bet you are happy to finally have a place to call home and not a moment too soon with only approximately 26 days until new baby is born, I'm getting excited!!

Anonymous said...

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grammyc said...

E-Bay or Craigs list the old light fixture when you get a new one, and anything else from the house that you are going to replace. Lots of people like the "80's" style.