Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Utah Weekend Post #2

The day after all the baby shower festivities, Dan and I headed south. We spent a few hours at my sister's place just playing with the kids and chatting. Clint and Sandy were so cute and so fun. It was nice to finally get to spend some time outside.

Clint showed off his bike and his dinosaur faces and noises. He made Uncle Dan draw safari animals in sidewalk chalk on the back patio. He also showed us how high he can jump on the trampoline.

According to Jen, Sandy can throw herself quite the temper-tantrum fit when she doesn't get her way. I think Jen is making up stories. This adorable little cherub was nothing but sweetness and light the whole time we were there. She giggled in the swing, laughed when she went down the slide and just wore a smile the whole visit.

No trip to Utah County would be complete without a stop at everyone's favorite outdoor Mecca, Cabela's. The Cabela's in Lehi, Utah really is quite impressive. Of course the sheer amount of sportsman's inventory is impressive, but what Cabela's does better than anyone else is their wild animal displays. There is an entire room dedicated to deer, elk and moose. They also have a huge walk-through aquarium, an arctic display (complete with a large polar bear) and a large African animal display. This picture is Dan's "dream dear."
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