Monday, March 23, 2009

Embracing the Belly

All the books say it's very common for first-time-moms to have issues with their growing bodies when they're pregnant, and I was no exception. The moment I began showing, I thought I was huge and I didn't like it. I didn't like that I really had no control over any of this. I didn't like that the numbers on the scale were going up more quickly than I anticipated and I was wearing maternity clothes earlier than I thought I should. But then it hit me. This pregnancy is not about me. It is not about how I feel about myself, or what clothes I can or can't wear. It's not about people commenting that I look "so big" or "so small" for the number of weeks I'm at. This pregnancy is all about the growing baby. According to the good doctor, the baby is growing well and all looks normal. The good doctor doesn't bat an eye when she sees the numbers on the scale or when she measures my growth. More importantly, she smiles when she looks at my blood pressure and smiles even more when she notes the baby's heartbeat. She smiles because the very most important thing is that this wee one is healthy. I've started smiling more for that exact same reason. I no longer look at myslef in the mirror and scowl. I look at myself and see healthy and well.

Yesterday after church, I was feeling especially good about myself, so I had Dan snap some "artsy-ish" photos of me in all my pregnant glory. We're at 28 weeks now folks. That means there's about 12 more weeks to go.
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AngMomof3 said...

Love them! I remember shying away from the camera when pregnant, and having people say I'd appreciate the photos later. They were right.

It's not about you... but at the same time it is. Just feel good about doing what you can in eating well and getting a little excercise and closing your eyes when you're on the scale at the dr. office!

SO said...

I think you look beatiful! And I wish more women would come to this understanding about pregnancy. I absolutely HATE it when I hear pregnant women say that they are "fat" or "huge". That is one of my pet peeves.

Fugal Family said...

I love your pics. It just dawned on me, my big sister is pregnant!!!! I have know this fact for sometime, but I haven't seen it. You look and sound wonderful!!!

p.s. SO is one of my really good friends, just so you know.