Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Bean is healthy and growing. The heartbeat was, to quote the good doctor, "very strong, very good." So that made me happy the whole rest of the day. There is something very comforting in hearing the whoosh whoosh of the heartbeat. Since I have started feeling better and stopped hurling up my dinner in parking lots, my weight has started going up. This is a good thing. I am getting back on track to where I should be for being 17 weeks along.
Okay, I am now just writing to all the ladies out there who have ever been pregnant. Did you have crazy weird dreams? I have always been pretty good at remembering my dreams, but ever since I've been carrying a growing child, it's been insane. For example, last night I dreamed that Dan was the President of the United States. Cool, right? No. Not cool. The paparazzi followed me around all the time and was very critical of everything about me being pregnant. If I ate anything, talk shows would debate on whether my eating habits were healthy enough. If I talked to other mothers about birthing plan options, every talking head would go on TV and rant and rave about how the First Lady was making a bad decision. If I bought a brown stroller, someone on TV would say why a green one was so much better. It was a terrible dream, actually, more like a nightmare. I've had other dreams (triplet boys, a little girl with long braids, and a baby who started talking right after birth) but this latest one is by far the strangest. So, if you've got a minute and want to share, I'd love to hear your crazy pregnancy dreams.


grammyc said...

No crazy dreams that I can remember. However the sound and smell of frying chicken made me hurl and the smell of any Paul Mitchel hair products made me sick also. I did actually change a tire by myself on a pick-up when I was about 8 months pregnant with my oldest. Keep telling us about your dreams. They are pretty entertaining.

Fugal Family said...

I don't have weird dreams, just really scarey nightmares that generally end in me flinching so hard that I hit and/or kick Scott so hard that he wakes up. The smell, touch, taste, thought, sight, or sound of food would make me sick and through up.

AngMomof3 said...

This is just preparing you for crazy things that can happen in the night... welcome to motherhood!

I did have crazy dreams, but I can't think of one. Another pregnancy/motherhood side-effect you'll notice is losing brain cells. You will begin forgetting things soon. Like dreams.

But if I can remember the specifics from one, I'll come back and share!

Fugal Family said...

I have tagged you. Check out my blog to see what you need to do!!

Anita Cory said...

Hi friend,
Oh yes...did I have weird dreams. Sadly, for my DH, they often involved full conversations with him (when he was trying to have his own, sweet dreams).

Here's one that I'll "never" forget.

Spencer (age 3) and John (age 31) had played a trick on dear old Mom, preying upon my ridiculous "heebie-jebbie" issues with all rodents, in this case a dead mouse. No, I didn't touch it, but I led to believe that a "present" awaited me in the pantry (and since it was around Christmas, I believed them). Well, the "present" was that the mouse we knew we had in the apt., was now dead (then I had the opportunity to see for myself). Hmm...

Later than night (about 2:00 am), yours truly dreamed, that said mouse's blood had been "spilled" and that our entire apartment had 2 or so inches of the stuff in it, and that I had stepped of bed right into it. Yeah, this doesn't bode well for a woman with an extreme case of rodent heebie-jeebies.

So, the DH "got his", when in the middle of the night his 8 month pregnant wife was jumping up and down on the bed (still sleeping) and screaming something about the blood and the mouse.

Yeah, funny now...not funny then.