Sunday, February 3, 2008

When the weather is frightful.....

I thought last Sunday it couldn't get worse as far as the snow and weather were concerned. I got up early to go buy a newspaper and promptly slid down the hill in my pick-up backward, even in 4-wheel drive. Part-way down the hill I wondered if I would even be able to stop at the bottom, but fortunately, a pile of snow in the real-estate office parking lot helped me stop and I was able to get turned around and head the rest of the way in the right direction. Since then, we haven't had any more instances with driving.
On Wednesday night, we got lots more snow. It was so bad on Thursday morning that Dan couldn't get to Garfield to go to work and WSU was closed, so no work for me either. It was really nice. We slept in, ran a few errands locally and visited Dwayne and Angela and their kids. We spent a very fun few hours sledding and playing in the snow. We turned a sidewalk into a luge track and had a great time hurling ourselves down as fast as we could go. We were sure to have some good wipe-outs into snow banks and Dan and I woke up Friday morning with sore shoulders, backs and hips (yeah, apparently we both have the body of a 70-year old). Angela took some great pictures and she has put together a really neat video on her blog. You should check it out.
Friday was more of the same weather-wise and once again WSU was closed, so no work for me. (I feel like I'm a kid again with all these snow days.) I think cold weather=scrapbooking weather, so I have been able to get some pages done. I've been getting caught up on wedding and honeymoon pages, although I still have more to do. Here are some of the most recent ones I've completed:

I'm in a monthly scrapbooking club at Paper Pals (check out there site) and it's great to be challenged and stretched and try new things.

Well, the Superbowl is on right now and I'm blogging while watching (sort-of). Right now the Patriots are up, but there's still a few minutes left, so who knows how it'll end up. Stay warm and stay safe out on the roads. Winter has to end sometime, right?

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