Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dinners and Movies

When Dan and I joined the club of Old Married Folk, we decided to keep a regular "date night" and so far we've stuck to that. Because it's cold outside, our dates have mostly been of the dinner-and-a-movie variety, but we have made it a point to stretch ourselves and try new restaurants and we take turns picking the movie. We are pretty limited with restaurant choices in the Pullman and Moscow area, but so far, our favorite has been Suchada's Thai Restaurant. The atmosphere is certainly lacking, but the food is so good. We've also been pleased with Tucci's Italian in Moscow, Fireside Grill, Sangria, Swilly's and Basilio's. Those of you who have dined in the area, please feel free to leave us some suggestions. It might take us years, but we want to try every restaurant in the Moscow-Pullman area.

We usually can agree fairly easily on where to dine, but choosing a movie is definitely harder. Since we have a hard time agreeing on this, we decided to take turns, so one week I'll pick the movie and the next week we'll see Dan's choice. The differences in our personalities certainly were evident when you look at the most recent movies we've seen. Two weeks ago, my choice was 'Juno,' a sweet and sad independent film with a funky soundtrack and some hilarious one-liners. Last week, Dan's choice was 'Cloverfield,' an intense and scary monster movie. Just because our tastes are so different, doesn't mean we didn't enjoy the others' movie. I was glued to the screen during every bump and weird angle of 'Cloverfield' and Dan laughed as hard as I did during parts of 'Juno.' So I guess it's good that we have some differences. We can share them with each other and help the other one grow and appreciate the things we both enjoy.


Leslie said...

Sangria is one of my favorites!! They have some great appetizer empanadas that are fabulous!! I saw "I am Legend" tonight. That was a very suspenseful movie!! I bet Dan would really like it!! Hope all is well in the Moscow/Pullman area. I will be up there the weekend of March 1st for Mardi Gras!! Fun, Fun.

Leslie said...

Did you change the name of your blog?? Newlywed Lenssens is very clever...Sounds like Newlywed Lessons :)

Mark & Brittany Sawyer said...

Hi there, Mark and i really like the ale house in moscow... it has some delicious french fries, we call them crack fries because they are addictive.. just an suggestion.