Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Okay, so nothing really monumental to report, but I haven't posted in a while and thought I'd write a little update. Here's some random things I'll share:

1. Dan suprised me on Valentine's Day with a beautiful boquet of red roses delivered to the lab by the Red Head Delivery Service (Allison and Grant). They were so cute and loved having a secret with their Uncle Dan and I loved my husband's sweetness and sneaky suprise.

2. We discovered a new favorite Restaurant. BBQ & Blues in Clarkston has definitely made it to the top of our list. We shared a combo rib/brisket platter that came to us on a sheet of brown butcher paper. The BBQ sauce was phenomenol and the sides and dessert were reason enough to stop in. We need to go back to Clarkston again, soon!

3. We're having trashy reality tv show night. Yup, we're flipping between American Idol and America's Next Top Model. Drama Drama Drama. I know tomorrow we'll need to watch something very tough and manly for my tough and manly husband : ) However, I think he has given up watching Project Runway with me...yeah, that's just really too much for him.

4. We are in an AWESOME small group at church. It's called Financial Peace University and it's a 13 week course on applying Biblical finacial principles to our personal finances. It's really been good for us as newlyweds (but would be great for anyone, married or single) to have a plan and shared financial goals. See if there is a class starting up at your church. You will thoroughly enjoy it and learn a ton.

5. Here are some random pictures to go with all the rest of this randomness. See the pretty flowers from Dan? Sadly the petals are starting to fall off. The other picture is of the pretty red brocade fabric of my Jr. Prom dress. Okay, I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but earlier this week Dan helped me to photograph all my prom and bridesmaid dresses. I decided they were just taking up space and getting dusty in the closet, so I put them up for sale (way cheap), although if you know of a girl who might not have the resources to purchase a prom dress, send her my way and I'll see what I can do ; )
Okay, I think that's all for now. I hope you're doing well and are doing fun, random things.

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AngMomof3 said...

I feel a part of your world of randomness right now too... glad you shared!

And I'm glad you enjoyed your roses via the RHDS. Dan gave them a "commission" for the job and they've divided their spoils between their give/save/spend jars!

See you soon.