Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sister Photo Shoot

Last week I took Lana and Nora in for their first "sister photo shoot." They've each had their photos taken separately (Lana has many, many times) but this was a first for the two of them together. I figured as long as Nora had a full tummy and a clean diaper, she'd be happy. Lana happily becomes a trained model (or camera ham, your choice) once the camera comes out, so I figured she'd be fine too.

I don't know if my mom had the same thoughts nearly thirty (30! GASP!) years ago when she took me and my baby sister in for pictures. She scrubbed us up good, bribed us with lollipops to hold still for hair curling, and I'm sure employed every trick in the parenting handbook (speaking of which, I misplaced my copy, can I borrow yours?) to get us to look presentable and behave. Back in the days before digital photography, the Olan Mills photographer didn't have the luxury of snapping 200 shots to ensure he got a handful of usable pictures and instead used his own bag of tricks (puppets, silly faces, promises of candy, peek-a-boo, and bubbles) to get kids to do his bidding.

Despite all that, baby sister Jen and I did take some cute pictures, didn't we?

My little-girl she-mullet is, ah, interesting, but I would pay good money for those natural highlights and lowlights right now. Even though they're quite dated, I also still love those dresses. (In fact, if the navy blue one that Jen is wearing is still around anywhere, I'll take it and have Nora wear it in a year or so. If I recall correctly my corduroy jumper had to be tossed when it fell apart.)

And here we are, our faces glowing in the light of sisterly love and affection (or in the light of candy and bribery, I don't really remember).

My mom had us do individual pictures too. I was told to sit up straight, look over here, and smile. Easy peasy. Now, where's my lollipop?

The photographer's bag of tricks had to come out for this shot of baby sister Jen. He knew what all parents quickly learn - kids love bubbles. They crazy fierce love bubbles, and Jen was no exception. Plus it made for a very cute picture.

To be fair to sister Jen, she did sit for an adorable, bubble free picture as well. She just had the biggest blue eyes, didn't she? And don't you just want to squeeze those delicious cheeks?

And now thirty (30! GASP!) years later, my girls have their own photo shoot story to tell. (With fewer bubbles.)
(This photo was taken with my phone in between the pro working. We haven't gotten the official pictures back yet. Yes, all grandmas will be getting one in the mail shortly.)

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