Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Memory: Poster children for the late 80's

This picture is taken circa 1988. I'm probably 8 years old, Jen's 5, and Kasey's 2. Surely, the fact that is was the 80's allows much forgiveness and understanding here, right?

I can't remember sitting for this historical portrait, but I can imagine. Surely the photographer must have loved us.
Oh yes, lovely family. Ma'am I'm sorry but the sheer size of your hair is blocking my cell phone reception. Oh wait, it's 1988, I won't have a cell phone until 1995. Nevermind. But I am going to have to ask you not to spray the Aquanet directly on the camera lens. Let's see, let's see. Little girl, how about you cock your head so far over that your vertical bow is actually horizontal. Yes, yes, keep going, it's fine if it hurts your neck, just a little more. Perfect! Now don't move. Little boy in the baby-blue leisure suit, wait, I can't believe they still make toddler-sized leisure suits, you are one classy baby, anyway no matter what, DO NOT open your eyes. No really, it will make for a great shot and people will always ask if this really was the best picture you could get, because come on, the baby's eyes aren't even open. Trust me, it will be hilarious. And blonde girl with the oversized glasses, yeah, could you just stay out of the frame while I photograph this lovely family? Oh wait, you are part of this family? Sorry, sorry. Okay then, just sit here and look awkward and uncomfortable. No smiling, only a half-scowl from you young lady. Alright everyone, let's make this perfect. I only take three pictures and force you to pick the one that is least horrible because photoshop doesn't exist yet and I've never even heard of digital photography. One, two, three, SNAP!

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