Saturday, January 11, 2014

Getting Caught Up: Christmas

Usually in December Christmas is the highlight of the month. And for us it was definitely fun and meaningful, but got a bit looked over with everything else we had going on. All our busyness and my tiredness certainly didn't dull the excitement of a four-year-old Lana.

Lana is at the prime Santa Claus age right now, and she had a million questions about the man in red. How would he get into our house without a chimney? How can he go to every single house in one night? Will he know what I want? Between Dan and I, I think we answered her questions fully, but in a vague, non-committal way. She was also very clear on the fact that we celebrate Christmas because it's Jesus' birthday, and Santa Claus and presents are just a side bonus.

On Christmas Eve we had a big dinner with my parents. We traditionally eat a prime rib roast and I was nervous and scared I wouldn't make it perfectly. I breathed a sigh of relief when the meat was tasted and it was a delicious, flavorful, and tender as I'd hoped.

Our family was invited to light the Advent candles at our church's Christmas Eve service. Fortunately, we didn't burn anything down and all the congregation stayed safe and burn-free : )

Christmas morning arrived, and much to Lana's delight, Santa Claus indeed visited out home. Lana was showered with a bevy of princess-themed gifts, as well and clothes, and books.

We all enjoyed having my parents spend the holiday with us, and Lana loved the extra attention from Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Bear.

Lana has loved snuggling in bed every night with the new flower quilt my mom made for her. My mom worked for months to make quilts for all her grandkids. What a special thing to do for all 5 of the kids. I hope they treasure their quilts always.

I told everyone who asked that I just wanted to wait until after Christmas for the baby to arrive. Well, I got my wish and started having contractions on Christmas night.......

(I'll write about that next.)

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