Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Fave: Eating from the Backyard

(Yeah, I'm not a food blogger, but I do really like food.)
There are lots of great things I like about this time of year, but eating from the backyard has got to be one of my favorites. The delicious sirloin steak used to be a steer grazing in the pasture, the onions and potatoes in the caserole were dug out of the ground this week, and the green beans were picked this afternoon. Dan, Lana, and I raised this food. We grew it on our land. (And by WE, I really mean DAN. Lana and I may have helped, but it's Dan who does the majority of the work.)

If you know us at all, you already know that we are not trendy people. But for a few weeks in the summer, we are trendy eaters. Apparently, to the hipsters of the world, eating from your backyard is all the rage. And here we thought it was just a practical way to utilize our resources.

(Oh, and if you're local and need some garden produce, I can probably hook you up. We've also got some steers growing on the sweet grass in the pasture that are available for beef this fall. Leave a comment or send me an email if you're interested.)
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