Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Snapshots from Last Week

A few pictures and such from last week: For Independence Day, we were invited to an afternoon of fun and food with some friends and family. It really was great to catch up with people I hand't seen in a while and eat too much food. Of course Lana had a great time too:
Because the 5th was a regular work day for all of us, we didn't stay up late for fireworks. I know, I know, we're kind of lame-o. Only lame-os don't do fireworks on the 4th of July, right?

Three days later we celebrated my 33rd birthday. Lana and Dan let me sleep in and then greeted me with a coffee cupcake and birthday cards in bed. It was quite lovely.
And because my family was so awesome, the next morning I wanted to do something neat for their breakfast - heart-shaped egg-in-the-holes. (maybe I should rename them egg-in-my-hearts?)
They're really simple to make and I encourage you to give them a try. Who knows? Maybe your family will think they're so cool they thank you with cupcakes in bed.

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