Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Fave: TV Shows I (usually) watch alone.

A while back I wrote about some TV shows that Dan and I can enjoy together, but the ones on this list are for my viewing pleasure alone. If Dan happens to walk into the room while one of these shows is on, it's usually met with eye rolling, an over-exaggerated sigh, and a "this show is on again?" (It should be noted that I do not have the same response when he is watching one of his car/truck shows or hunting shows.)

In no particular order, here are some of my favorites:


I so very much enjoy(ed) the classic Gilmore Girls, and since it's been long-since finished (now on syndicated re-runs on the SOAP Network) I've missed the sharp, well-written dialogue and off-beat characters of Star's Hollow, Connecticut. Bunheads has the same creator and some of the same writers, so in this show (a fish-out-of-water-with-some-ballet-thrown-in-comedy-that-sometimes-acts-like-a-drama) we get to taste some of that razor sharp wit. And it has ballet dancing. And Kelly Bishop. And Sutton Foster. And I really like all of these things.

Food Network Star.
Bobby, Giada, and Alton have been mentoring potential new Food Network Stars for most of the summer and now it's down to the final 4. I know I've got my favorites. Who do you like? Who would you watch and learn from if they got their own show?

Downton Abbey.

Oh how I absolutely adore this show. And oh how Dan cringes when he walks into the room while I'm watching it. I just discovered it on DVD this summer and am trying to get all caught up before the next season begins on PBS in January. (Argh! I don't want to wait until January!) The rich and aristocratic Crawley family and their servants and all their secrets, loves, dreams, and (mis)fortunes make for a very beautiful and enjoyable show. (side note: if you have season 2 on DVD, I will trade you a pan of brownies to borrow them. okay, thanks.)

Project Runway.
This is the ultimate in guilty-pleasure TV watching. Creativity, drama, sewing, fashion designing and a bajillion ideas about color, texture, technique, pattern-making, styling, and modeling. The season 10 premiere is saved on the DVR right now. I will be watching it sometime this weekend while Dan is not in the house. As much as I love this show, he absolutely, positively, without a doubt cannot stand it at all in the slightest. The DVR in our house is worth its weight in gold.

So ladies (I am presuming it's only ladies who have continued to read this entire post),  what are your favorite TV shows? Any suggestions I should add to my list?

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