Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy 4th of July! (only 10 days late)

For this year's Independence Day festivities, our family piled way too much stuff in the truck and headed west. Dan had several days worth of fun and frivolity planned for our Lynden visit, and he was certainly a master of negotiating the social calendar.

We had playdates at the park:

Lynden's Million Smiles Park is so cute and perfect for little kids.

The cousins had a great time playing together.

Lana liked driving the tractor.

And she overcame her fear of the slide with help from a friend.

Dan also arranged for us to go to three BBQs/fireworks shows in three days. That meant three BBQ dinners, three chances to catch on fire and three really late nights for Lana. We needn't have worried though - she was a champ and finally learned how to sleep in.

Playing on the gator with the big kids.

Getting ready for a road trip with a new friend. (Lana would later get run over by that little pick-up when a 3-year old with a short attention span got behind the wheel.)

Sparklers with Daddy!

Watching fireworks with the kids.

Lounging in the best chairs ever. I love those chairs and think we should own some, don't you?

More sparklers! (an no, no eyes were lost in this endeavor)

Spending the long holiday weekend with my family was awesome! Happy (late) Independence Day from the Lenssens.

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H Love said...

Great post and great pics and YES you need some of those chairs!!