Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Fun Party Time!

Hi, this is Lana. Mama says because yesterday afternoon was all about me having fun, I needed to be the one to tell you all about it.

First of all, I don't know much about Halloween, but I do know I like fun new outfits, playing games with other kids and picking out candy.
I was dressed up as Minnie Mouse and I even (sometimes) kept my authentic Disneyland ears on.

We went to a party at church where I saw a lot of my friends. Their Mamas put them in neat costumes too. This is my friend, Gavin. We play together in nursery. A couple weeks ago he bit me, but Mama said I kind of deserved it and that I shouldn't put my fingers in other people's mouths.

The only biting at the party was chewing up all the yummy candy and cookies.

I think my very favorite game was the duck pond. It's kind of like my bath, but with more toys. I had fun with Daddy picking out all the different colored ducks. I wanted to get in the water and play with them, but Daddy wouldn't let me. I won lots of prizes for picking up all the ducks.

Mama wanted me to sit still for just a second so she could get a picture of me at the official picture-taking spot, but I wanted none of that. There were basketballs that needed tossed, rings to throw, ducks to gather and bounce houses to jump in. I didn't want to sit still. Not even for a few seconds.

I loved jumping in the huge bounce house. One time, my cousin Grant had to tell some big kids to not jump hard by me because I'm little and could get hurt. Mama was so glad I had my tough cousin to protect me.
Did I have fun at the party? Oh yeah.

Mama and Daddy know when I smile this big, it only means one thing; This little Minnie Mouse could not be any happier! And they're right.

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Just SO said...

So much fun! She has a great grin and made a cute Minnie!