Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekend with Cousins!

This past weekend, we were thrilled to have Sue, Lyndsey and the girls, Avery and Kenzie over on our side of the state. It was so great to get to catch up with the grown-ups and the kids had so much fun playing together. Lana loved having so many cousins with her. They were so good to include her in their play.

One afternoon we took all the kids to the Moscow Aquatic Center. Lana had never been swimming before and I was a little nervous of how she would respond. I needn't have worried. She absolutely loved it. She played in the water for nearly two hours, giddy the entire time. The other kids were so gentle and good with her in the water.

The kids also got a chance to play with the puppies at our place. The little kids were a bit timid around the fur balls, but not Sadie and Allison. They liked the puppies and I think Sadie even started naming them.

Thank you Sue and Lyndsey for making the long trek eastward. Cousin time is definitely the best time!

(Oh, and all the pictures in this post were taken by my sis-in-law, Angela. She's quite talented and has an eye for capturing all the great moments.)

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grammyc said...

It looks like a great time had by all.