Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bits and Quips

This was my first weeks back to work since Lana was born. I spent the week and day before cleaning, cooking, and spending as much time with Lana as I could. We've had great child care lined up for several months, and my work had been emailing me so I would know what to expect when I returned, but still, I had my worries. What if Lana hated being away? What if I was a bawling blubbering mess at work? What if the laundry never got done? What if dinner was late? Well, guess what? Lana did great. Her caretaker reports that she eats well, sleeps well, is chatty and bright during her wake and play time and interestingly enough, that she has the "most unladylike burps" of any baby she's ever known. We'll have to work more on her manners. For the most part, I did fine too. I won't lie, that first morning was tough and I spent a few minutes in the parking lot at work composing myself, but once I got back into the lab and got back into my work routine, things were fine. It actually felt good to be back. However, the best part of my day is when I'm home again with little Lana-Bean and we're playing and she's smiling. As far as the laundry goes, it doesn't get done everyday like before when I was home, but it does get done. And because I'm getting in some quality play time, dinner might also be late, but oh well. I figure there are worse things in life than a late dinner. So, I guess we can chalk week one up as a success.

This little sprite doesn't seem any worse for wear.

Happy Birthday to Dan! He spent the day doing some of his favorite activities such as watching football and taking a nap on the recliner with Lana in the afternoon.

Happy Birthday! Lana and I love you very much.
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grammyc said...

Sounds like you got your back to work routine down pretty fast. Just remember there will be days when everything will not go as planned. That is part of parenthood. Happy late birthday to Dan.