Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lana's First Fair

We took Lana to the Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden. Okay, actually, we went to the fair because we like it and we brought Lana with us. She'll probably enjoy it more next year. There's not much for a two-month-old to take in. She did well though and slept in her stroller as we walked around. Lana got to spend some time with Grandma Sue and her cousins when Dan and I went out to the demolition derby on Monday night. We also did plenty of visiting with friends and family and everyone got a chance to meet the new addition.

Sue doesn't live far from the Million Smiles Park in Lynden, so one morning we walked Lana down there and enjoyed the tot lot. She really is too little, but she liked the baby swing for a few minutes. She might have enjoyed it longer had I remembered her sun hat. Sorry Lana, my bad.

These two little girls were so very willing to spend time with their newest cousin. Avery and Kenzie spent time singing Lana songs and reading her stories. Lana would just look at them and smile and jibber-jabber on. I think all three of the little blonde girls enjoyed each other.

And it just wouldn't be a fair unless we watched the livestock show. Travis showed his heifer and did a very fine job. This was his first show and he performed like a seasoned pro.

One of the friends that we visited had a baby 5 days before Lana was born. Little Amber weighed just over 7 lbs when she was born, so she was smaller than Lana at birth. Looking at them now, Lana is several inches longer, but Amber is a full pound bigger, yet both are big eaters. It just goes to show that every baby really is different.
We had a great time in Lynden, but then again, we always do.
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grammyc said...

Lana looks like she had a great time at the fair. I hope Mummy and Daddy had a great time also.