Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Morning Baby

Isn't this the cutest little face in the whole world? Okay, so maybe I'm biased, but there is no other face I'd rather see smiling up at me in the morning. Here's our little Lana, eyes open, patiently waiting for Mom to get situated for the morning feeding.

We just finished up having visitors over to meet Lana. First up was my Mum, Cindy. She arrived a couple of days after Lana's birth. She got in lots of Grandma snuggle time with her grandbaby. She also filled our freezer with casseroles, BBQ meat and meatloaf. We'll be eating well for a long time.

My Dad also visited one day and enjoyed meeting his newest grandchild.

Then several Lenssen's arrived from Lynden, including David, Heather and their kids and Dan's Mom, Sue. This is Sue's 9th grandbaby and she just couldn't get over how tiny Lana was.

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SO said...

I can't see any pictures :( But from the one on your side bar and the other posts she sure is beautiful.